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I’m minimizing it greatly to say that this was a really, really fun project. How many times can a designer be totally creative??

The international clients travel to town infrequently and wanted a home they would be proud to bring their friends and family to when they came to shop or to see specialists. They weren’t specific about their design preferences, so I took a que from what they wore at our first meeting. The husband had on a beautifully cut Italian jacket and classic leather shoes. His outfit consisted of neutral tones, lovely textures and modern cuts. On the opposite end of the spectrum, the wife wore multi-colored glasses and bright colors in her flowing Pucci blouse. Meshing the two styles together was a fun challenge.

Not having the time or interest to be actively involved in the project, we met with the clients for a total of two or three times over the course of the job. The decisions they made were narrowed down via an online program and then finalized in one meeting, which is unusual for us.

In the living area, I brought out the wife’s tastes via the custom rug which has an under layer of orange tufting with a looped layer of taupe silk. It was so heavy; it actually took 4 men to place it. The lounge chairs brought in an updated play on a classic pattern, but with blues, oranges & vanilla. Brightly colored sateen pillows on the sofas also helped with the transition. For him, the low, sleek Italian sofas and elegant Murano glass cocktail table brought in European elegance. To help mesh the two styles, we brought in a Mid-Century modern Knoll bench covered in suede and a black lacquered table with gold accents that was actually finished by a man who lacquers pianos in Brooklyn. We collaborated to create a smart Home that operates all music, safety and entertainment for the clients. All draperies throughout the home were custom and operable remotely.



For the dining room, the client’s goal was to enjoy gatherings where they could dine with their guests for 4+ hours and relax throughout their meal. The sleek, modern table was large enough to fit comfortable chairs. The brass chandelier was made in a pentagon shape so it graces the table but doesn’t glare on the guests and the custom rug breathes energy into the room. Each yarn color was individually chosen to go with the décor in the adjacent rooms. It’s the perfect transition to the living area.

The couple entertains both adults with, and without their children, so, the first guest room had to double its duty for both groups. We felt it best to use bunkbeds and a queen size bed with comfortable bedding chosen to go with matching gray velvet tufted beds. For the children, we introduced a playful blue papier mache chandelier with birds and foliage. A local artist painted colorful watercolors of zoo animals and a large striped fabric was used for window treatments and bedding accents. The textured flat weave rug and nail studded chest added additional texture. This guest room is elegant, but not stuffy and is comfortable for any age.



Down the hall in the powder, we hung a slab of granite on the wall behind a floating vanity unit that was made in South America. Above the cabinet was a hand machined solid brass and carved glass pendant that accentuated the narrow space. It’s too bad you can’t see it in the picture very well, because it is really very interesting!

The guest bed and bathroom were designed in mind of the client’s adult daughter. From the crystal chandelier to the custom sheer and richly sheened drapery fabric every detail is about being pampered. To complete the look, we even placed a monogrammed notepad and pen on the bedside table.

Leading to the master, is a 42 foot long hallway. We chose to forego art as it could make the long space feel busy. Instead, we had acrylic panels cut and commissioned a local faux artist to paint a similar design on each in textured gold. I got the inspiration from the outside of a building I saw while visiting New York.



When the wife casually mentioned she liked their home at the beach as it was relaxing, it gave us the inspiration to use seaside colors for their master suite. Using a woven raffia wallcovering that featured vanillas, browns and blues, it made the room more intimate. Plush furnishings were selected for extended lounging. The two layers of draperies were made with a blue heavier weight fabric and a neutrally patterned sheer that looked a bit like an updated lace. For subtle light, the sheers alone could be used and for complete black-out, the main panels could be drawn. To add to the texture, the cabinet was introduced for further interest and custom bedding with a subtle pattern fit perfectly on the creamy leather and walnut bed. Unmatched side tables were chosen and sleek crystal lamps worked well with the ornate chandelier for an elegant and refined look. It really is such a restfully beautiful room.

I could go on and on about the details for each room. There’s another whole wing of this penthouse that our design team delighted in with each and every detail.

As this was a turnkey project, upon arrival to their new vacation home, all the clients had to do was turn their key in the door. Not only was their home ready for their luggage, but the kitchen was outfitted, groceries were stored and bar was stocked along with soft music playing throughout.



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