We create beautiful homes and spaces that embody the style and individuality of our clients.

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Coton House complements its real estate services with the resources of a full-service design studio led by President and Creative Director Laurie Coton. Its mission is to bring customized and considered style to residential and commercial spaces through extraordinary experience, service and attention to detail for each client.

In addition to helping clients buy and sell homes across the Houston Metropolitan area, the Coton House team understands how appropriate (and inappropriate) design choices for homes in different neighborhoods may significantly impact the valuation of those homes. Attentiveness to real estate clients’ tastes and lifestyles helps the Coton House team to stay alert to emerging design trends as well.

“I hosted 3 separate Christmas events in my home this year and I cannot begin to tell how many compliments I received on the colors, furniture, drapery etc.

Thank you all for giving me so much of your time and expert knowledge that created something which makes me proud to call home.”

-D. New


“I’ve been a customer of Laurie for 7 years, she’s helped me buy and sell multiple homes over the years as my life has adjusted. Never pushy, her expertise in remodeling, design and real estate was the comfort and trust I needed.

I also hired Laurie to help design and build interior furniture, fabric and wall coverings – pieces that will be with me forever. She is thoughtful, humble, intelligent and offers her professional opinion in the most calm and articulate way. I tend to need harnessing at times and she instantly was someone I felt I could trust. A coworker recommended her but I didn’t know I would be a life long client and friend. Would recommend Laurie and her team to anyone I know.”

-Jill Nelson

ASID President 2020-2021


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