Design Team

Our team helps clients that live in a chaotic and stressful environment and are embarrassed about their home because they feel like they have lost their identity. The only problem is that they are busy, so they do not have time to execute a design, know what their space needs, or what steps are needed to achieve the desired result.

Together we will reinvent your home with our thoughtfully created design solution that you are proud to share by developing systems that will improve your lifestyle and a design-centric style that reflects your family’s personalities. The design team wants our clients to gain a confident, stress-free, and thoughtful lifestyle from the improvements designed by our team. As a result, you can live a more healthy, family-oriented, and organized life.


What People Say About Us


-G. Garrison

“LOVE LOVE LOVE our new spaces. Totally different from what it used to be. Thanks to you and your staff. We love the new furniture and even the old ones that were upholstered … they look brand new again. It was a delight working with you and Shannon. We cannot wait to retire and enjoy the newly designed living areas to the fullest.”

-D. New

“I hosted 3 separate Christmas events in my home this year and I cannot begin to tell how many compliments I received on the colors, furniture, drapery etc.

Thank you all for giving me so much of your time and expert knowledge that created something which makes me proud to call home.”

-J. Nelson

“I’ve been a customer of Laurie for 7 years. Never pushy, her expertise in remodeling, design and real estate was the comfort I needed. I also hired Laurie to help design pieces that will be with me forever. She offers her professional opinion in the calmest and most articulate way. Would recommend Laurie and her team to anyone I know.”

ASID President 2020-2021