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Our friend Dayna McMahon has taken her rightful place in the real estate industry, bringing with her decades of experience in logistics and project management. Known for her intelligence, capability, and authenticity, we’re thrilled to see her put her gifts and talents to work in this new chapter of her life. Her passion for Real Estate has been more than just a hobby; it has been a calling. With extensive experience in leading both commercial and residential sales and purchases for her own family, she has gained an in-depth understanding of both the legal and emotional aspects of home ownership. Now, she is using her expertise to help others achieve their dreams of owning a home. Dayna is passionate about what she does and has never looked back since taking the leap to pursue this lifelong passion.

“I’m so excited to put my love for people and homes to good use by helping others make their dreams a reality! Whether you’re looking to buy or sell, I’m here to make the process as friendly and stress-free as possible. Let’s work together to get you where you want to be!”

Dayna McMahon

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