Andre Williams

Technology & Salesforce Consultant

Coton House claims Andre as their own Whiz Kid! His role is working with realtors to make their jobs easier through technology. He said, “Knowing the capabilities of technology helps to find problem-solving solutions. I like thinking outside the box and being creative.” He is very approachable and has the uncanny ability to get along with everyone, always ready with a smile and a can-do attitude. No question or problem is ever considered too pointless, senseless, or unachievable.

From an early age, he has focused on science and nature. After attending a technical school in the Washington, D.C. area where he grew up, he has dedicated his career to consistent self-teaching through Google and You Tube. He understands that every agent is different, so he enjoys developing unique ways for each agent to market their business services and personal approach.

Since 2015, Andre has worked in real estate offices of various sizes as a Broker assistant with a specific focus on marketing. When asked what attracted him to Houston, he related to the good climate for employment and business development. And speaking of climate, he commented, “Houston winters feel much better than they do up north!”

When asked what he enjoys about Houston, he replied with exuberance, “The FOOD!” He enjoys bike riding, watching science, nature, and history documentaries, and relaxing with music or sports programs.

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