Our Services


  • Residential & Commercial Projects
  • Drafting
  • Remodeling & Renovations
  • Kitchen & Bath Remodels
  • Collaboration with Builders & Architects
  • Custom Window Treatments
  • Lighting Design
  • Finish & Color Selection


The combined knowledge of the Coton House real estate, interior design, and remodeling teams allow us to assist you in making the best decisions, saving from costly mistakes, avoiding hassle and adding value to your home and lifestyle. Our team knows the latest products, materials, and design trends to use in your space. We arrive at a great design for your lifestyle by asking good open-ended questions and listening to you. As a design-centric firm, we pride ourselves by creating designs for you, not just a pretty design to fit our style.


Turnkey Projects

Partner with our team to get your vacation home ready for company! From furnishings to accessories to bedding to art to stocking the pantry and kitchen cabinets, we will get you in your home from start to finish with as minimal of input as you would like. We essentially set up your home so all you have to do is turn the key and make yourself at home.

Residential & Commercial Interior Design

We are here for you! Our design team will assist you whether it is a residential or commercial project. We bring your space needs to life. The Coton House team knows what questions to ask and truly listens to the answers so that your goals are achieved. We strive to make the process easy and correctly translate the mission to fruition. Everything we do is customizable, allowing us to create a unique experience and space for every project. Perfection is in the details. We have proven protocols to achieve those details. Regardless of what stage of the project, we can help arrive at the best decisions, remove stress from your shoulders and end with a beautiful area worth showing off.


Our goal is to make your space shine and be functional. We are skilled at developing blueprints. We will help you envision your improved space as we walk through it via drawings. The design team will start from scratch or reinvent your existing space. It is our job to find creative solutions throughout the process so you will end up with a project you are proud to use daily and to share.

Remodeling & Renovations

The Coton House team takes on projects of all shapes and sizes. It is all about finding the perfect solution for you. We will help with minor projects such as countertop replacement to a full remodel and all new furnishings. The Coton House design team brings experience and knowledge to every project. Through years of experience, we have acquired an extensive list of vendors, workrooms, and contractors to complete your project. During the design process, we also learn how you want to live in your space, your likes, needs, and your goals. You become a part of the Coton House Family when we design for you.

Kitchen & Bath Remodels

The Coton House team designs your space to best suit your needs. We assist through drawings, finish selections, contractor communication/direction, product ordering and all the details needed through installation. We are here to take the headache out of the process, to orchestrate the movements needed and to get the job done right.

Design Presentations

The Coton House design team is an award-winning group of individuals who bring various talents and expertise to every project. Our unique backgrounds allow us to help design the ideal space for you and aim at providing you a positive experience throughout the process. We pride ourselves at our ability to not only ask great questions about your wants and needs, but to truly listen to your answers. From those answers, we create presentations including CAD drawings and room boards to help you envision your new space.

Wall Treatments

It’s all about the details! We can determine what your project is needing during the design process and offer creative suggestions. The Coton House team will add beautiful wall treatments to showcase your personality and create focal points throughout your home. Opportunities are endless through wall coverings, decorative paint finishes, wood and stone treatments and upholstery details that add uniqueness and interest to your space.

Collaboration with Builders & Architects

We are here for you regardless of how involved you would like to be with the project. Our team will communicate with architects, builders, and general contractors to ensure your project’s timely completion. Because we understand building jargon, we know what questions to ask and understand the answers. We also will provide a room-by-room budget for the design and selection process and walk through your options.

Custom Cabinetry

To reinvent your space, the Coton House design team will develop a custom cabinet plan that will not only uniquely combine the ways you use your space but will also create a statement area. You will enjoy your organized and updated look and will enjoy sharing it with others. We will develop drawings and finish selection boards for any cabinetry you may want to add or redesign, regardless of whether it is in the kitchen, bathroom, closet or any other room of the house.

Lighting Design

The Coton House team can transform your space and set the tone with new lighting. Through ongoing market education and relationships with many lighting vendors, we are ensured in finding the perfect piece for each room. Our goal is to create an effortless process in bringing your dream to reality–ensuring you get quality pieces at or below retail cost.

Finish & Color Selections

We are experts in the selection process. Through our years of experience, the Coton House design team can assist with flooring, paint, plumbing, lighting, and countertop selections. We can choose it all from start to finish; let us help discover your design aesthetic. The Coton House design team will create a space that can be more fully enjoyed–turning your dream into a reality.


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