Tips for buyers in a seller’s market


1. Develop a sense of urgency

The supply of homes is small and the demand is large so you need to be ready to jump on deals when you see them. Be sure to have your pre-approval letter ready and be prompt in signing all necessary offer documents your realtor sends you. Lastly, being flexible with your schedule can help you get these things accomplished in a timely manner and free you up for showings any time the opportunity may arise.

2. Be prepared to make a competitive offer

Given the current market, sellers will expect at or above list price. Your realtor is here to help you come up with a strong, attractive offer that will garner the seller’s attention in this highly competitive market.

3. Be willing to compromise

It is important that you take into consideration the seller’s needs and have open mind about accommodating them. Your realtor can help you find out what the seller’s priorities are how to meet them in a way that is advantageous for you both.

4. Persevere

It could be a long road to finding your perfect house and you may have to submit several offers before acceptance. Know that you have a professional on your side who is dedicated to finding you your dream home and that when one door closes, another always opens.


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