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The kitchen is the heart of the home – it’s where the family is nurtured, physically and emotionally. Important conversations are had here and memories are made that last a lifetime. The kitchen may very well be the most important room in the house, so great thought and care should go into how it’s designed.

With trends changing from year to year, it can be hard to land on one style that won’t cause the room to look dated. But with expert guidance and a willingness to be a little daring, you can have the kitchen of your dreams.

The kitchen can really set the tone for the whole house, so whether you’re decorating it for the first time, or you’re going through major renovations, decide what atmosphere you’d like to set, and let that guide your decisions along the way. Will your kitchen be the place where your teenage children and their friends hang out? Will you throw elaborate and sophisticated dinner parties for your adult friends? Will you get in there with the grandkids to teach them the family recipes? Your vision for how you’d most like to spend time in the kitchen will serve as a great guide when choosing everything from paint color to appliances.

One of the biggest considerations in decorating any room is functionality. The antique toaster you found at a garage sale might look amazing on the counter near the refrigerator, but that doesn’t mean that’s the best place for it. We conceptualize the kitchen in an effort to maximize efficiency and minimize traffic, and you might also use this same philosophy when deciding on where and how to store items you use on an everyday basis.


Image credit: www.jeanstofferdesign.com


Changing the color scheme of a room is the fastest –and sometimes most economical – way to enjoy a dramatic upgrade. In addition to adding touches of color through vibrant towels and colored appliances, consider painting the cabinets. The standard kitchen will have mahogany, oak or white cabinets, but when you want to spruce thing up, consider painting them a cool electric blue or glossy gray.

One trend a lot of people love to have is having the pots and pans on display for all to see. Some hang their pots from a fixture in the ceiling so they’re easy to find while others display them on shelves. From copper hued to stainless steel to bright, vibrant colors, your pots can add a whole new temperature to the room. Open cabinetry can also house your matching dishware to create an open and organized theme.

You can achieve a kitchen that reflects your style and values regardless of your personal style. When you love a big, country kitchen or a sleek, modern feel, the power is as great as your imagination.


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