Turn Your Bathroom Into a Spa Oasis

For this complete bathroom makeover, we designed a space that was reminiscent of our client’s European travels.  In those travels, they loved the richness and relaxation those bathrooms offered.  To evoke those feelings, we set out to create a soothing spa-like oasis.  

To achieve this serenity, the incorporation of natural materials such as beautifully veined porcelain and wood-looking tile was used to tie everything together. The flooring was adorned with beautiful, warm-toned textured tile, creating a soft foundation for the space. 

A neutral color palette was chosen to evoke a sense of calmness. Soft shades of beige and gray were applied to the walls and cabinetry, allowing the natural elements to take center stage. The serene color scheme created a soothing backdrop for relaxation.

The shower was transformed into a spa-like sanctuary. We installed a luxurious rainfall showerhead to provide an indulgent experience.  A statement bathtub became the centerpiece of the oasis. A freestanding tub with elegant curves and a sleek design exuded luxury and provided a serene space for soaking and unwinding after a long day.

To enhance the spa-like ambiance, we maximized natural light while ensuring privacy. by adding a textural sheer curtain with an interesting trim to maintain privacy while creating a tranquil atmosphere.

Thoughtful lighting played a crucial role in setting the mood. Dimmable fixtures were incorporated, allowing for a customizable ambiance. Soft, warm lighting options, such as wall sconces and recessed lighting, illuminated the space, creating a calming and inviting environment. The abaca fiber-tiered chandelier above the tub makes quite a statement. These textures and the gold and champagne finishes added a bit of glam to the space, as well.

The updated primary bathroom now serves as a serene retreat, inviting the homeowners to unwind and escape the stresses of daily life. The combination of natural elements, a soothing color palette, luxurious features, and thoughtful details culminated in a spa-like oasis that exudes elegance and tranquility.

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