Top 5 Kitchens & Baths Design Trends in 2023


There’s a renewed interest in the minimalist philosophy. More and more people are tearing down walls to create more open spaces and are creating more functional storage spaces. Kitchen renovations are adding larger double islands, larger refrigerators and stoves, as well as more storage area in walk-in pantries and laundry rooms. We’re also seeing more expansion in bathrooms and closet areas.


We’re seeing a move from grey and white tones. Now other bolder patterns and designs are getting into the mix through art, wallpaper, paint and interesting bold accents. Adding some rich, colorful tones gives a classic contemporary feel to any style.


Bathrooms are becoming more of an oasis for the homeowner. We’re making the spaces feel more enlarged by ridding of the older jacuzzi type spas and replacing with either a larger, more elegantly apportioned shower or a sleek free-standing tub. We’re also adding more wood tones to create a sense of calm.


Quartz and porcelain countertops have gained considerable momentum in updated kitchens and baths. They are nicely resistant to damage and are non-porous. Meaning, it’s harder to stain and easier to clean. Waterfall side down the cabinet are popular too, as it gives a sleek look. There are many manufacturers of these products and all have different attributes, but overall, the style has gained great popularity.


Lighting mirrors are so important in updates. Many of our clients want multiple types of lighting depending on the time of day and the task at hand. Recessed cans, pendant lights, lighting around or in the mirrors are all key points. Separate switches are also important so only the lights needed can be used. We’re also getting more requests for frameless mirrors or mirrors that are framed with smaller accent framing. Again, the clean look is in and light is in demand.


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