Set Your Thanksgiving Table Like A Pro

Planning the menu for Thanksgiving can be a true juggling act, but nothing creates more of a holiday mood than a beautiful tablescape. But, do you really know where the silverware and glasses should be placed or what you need for the decoration? With these easy tips, let the design team from Coton House give you suggestions so the guesswork can be taken out of this part of your holiday season celebrations!

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Customize your Thanksgiving table to match your favorite dishes or certain colors you want to bring out. You can bring the outside in using fall foliage or gold bold with vibrant fall colors. Use floral centerpieces and candles placed throughout. Be sure to elevate so everything is not the same height. Use layers of tablecloths, metallic chargers, and festive napkin rings or name tag holders. Bring out your Grandmother’s China and your wedding crystal. Make this a true meal to remember!

Plates & Napkins

It’s all about layering! Before you place your plate, consider setting down a charger or placemat first. If you have a small table or a huge family, you may elect to skip the placemat, but if you’ve got room, be sure to have fun with them. Choose texture, pattern, or color to go with your theme. Next, put the charger and then the plate down. This plate will be for your main course. Follow this with a salad plate to go directly on top for the layered effect. The napkin can be folded and placed between the main plate and the salad or you can do a lovely napkin and fun napkin ring. On top of your setting, be unique and put a small pumpkin or a decorative tidbit. Have fun and maybe even do a name tag, too!


I always think of placing silverware in the “FORKS” method. Forks to the left. The “O” is the plate, then come the K and S…knives and spoons which round out the grouping. For a more formal dinner setting, you may need two forks. The smaller goes on the outside and will be used for an appetizer or a salad. With the knife, the blade faces in. If you have soup, you’ll want a soup spoon and a dessert spoon to the right of the knife. For you OCD friends, the utensils should all line up with the bottom of the plate uniformly.


If you’re serving wine, there are different kinds of glasses for each type of wine. Do a little research before selecting your wine to ensure you have the correct type of stemware. All drinkware should be placed on the right side of the setting, above the knife and spoon. The water glass goes at the top. On the opposite side, goes the bread plate. I love to see water glasses with texture and stemware that sparkles. It adds a really nice texture to the setting.

Enjoy your time spent with friends and family, mouthwatering delicious meal, your blessings, and your amazingly stunning tabletop!

Happy Thanksgiving from our team to you and yours!

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