Sensory Therapies

Sensory therapies can also be incorporated into the design of a tub. These include aroma, thermal, chroma, and audio therapies. For aromatherapy make sure to use authentic naturally extracted aromatic essential oils. Synthetic oils will cause damage to your tub and system. It also isn’t wonderful for your body. Pure essential oils promote wellness of the body, mind, and spirit. Essential oils promote relaxation, increase energy, reduce stress, and restore balance. We can specify an air system that will infuse the oil into the bath water.

Thermal therapy is the most popular of the sensory therapies. It is recommended for all tubs, but strongly encouraged for walk in tubs. This keeps the person using the tub warm while they wait for the tub to fill and drain. A radiant heating system can be added into the bath shell to help sore muscles with direct heat on your back. Recirculating water heaters can also be added to your tub to ensure that you are never cold when taking a bath. There is nothing worse than lukewarm water.

Bathtub info overload? Through our knowledge and experience we can make sure that you get the right tub and the job done in a timely manner without unnecessary additional fees. Reach out to our Coton House design team to schedule a consultation to discuss the design of your dream bathroom.


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