Hunter’s Creek

The couple who purchased this home bought it with downsizing in mind. Quietly perched on a bend of Buffalo Bayou on a secluded & gated street, this scenic location is surrounded by large trees & lush vegetation making it extremely tranquil.

The setting is perfect, but the house wasn’t so… when I first entered the home, I remember thinking everything seemed yellow—walls, tile floors, lighting… Our first goal was to neutralize it and then update reasonably for a serene feel that matched the outdoor attitude.

First, we started by painting everything. The walls became a very soft greige. The stone floors in the entry were cleaned and polished and wood floors were installed and stained a lovely mid-tone spice blend. In the living room, we had two focal points. The fireplace and the piano both demanded attention, but we needed the room to feel open, and have enough room to easily mingle through. To solve this, we elected pieces that had negative space so nothing was too heavy or blocky and it allowed vision to see through to what was beyond.

For the dining room, we found an antique table at an outdoor market. The patina added warmth to the space and was paired with elegant modern chairs, while using the existing chandelier. Pieces of art from the husband’s mother were hung prominently and provided a beautiful piece of family history.

The kitchen had to be totally overhauled as the cabinets weren’t good quality and didn’t offer needed storage capabilities. The island was built out paying attention to each drawer size, as she has a lot of long serving pieces. We even had a built-in niche made to hold the paper towel roll in the island. Also, the textured glass pendants are a nice soft accent and not the focal point of the space.



The husband has a remarkable geode collection. In their previous home, the pieces were all hidden away in an armoire and were not visible. To showcase the collection, we built out glass shelving with appropriate lighting so the collection elegantly takes front and center stage. The drawers have individual felt compartments so the pieces could be organized and showcased. We also built out the television so it sits evenly with the front of the collection. To get the right look, a false back was made so it was placed just right. As the light from the many windows is so subtle and diffused, we elected to bypass window treatments. Existing pieces were recovered, new pieces were added and a simple rug was chosen to add texture and help the space feel more casual and relaxed.



In the master bathroom, we completely gutted the space. For more natural light, a small transom like window to obtain additional natural light was added to the shower. The wall of mirror was chosen to reflect natural light, too. To replicate the experience of a favorite trip to Portugal, we used a beautiful mosaic as a floor detail. Shelving was rebuilt and a tub that was perfectly sized for them was added as well as a reachable area to put that favorite book or a glass of wine. The bathroom is light and bright, yet still elegant and subtle with soft finishes and elegant lighting features.

This is one of my favorite projects, as the couple who lives there is as warm and lovely as their home.



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