How to Achieve a Designer Powder Room

If you’re like most people, your guest bathroom is likely the place in your home to which you’ve given the least thought–a sink, toilet, mirror, a rug, and a light… Done. Powder rooms can be little jewel boxes. Make your powder room one of the most visually exciting rooms in your home. Have fun and play with color, scale, and texture. It’s such a small space, so go all out and do it!



1. Walls

Like any room, it’s all about composition. You can’t have drama in every element, so pick one as your starting point and go from there. It’s easiest to start with the focal point. Everywhere else in your home, focal points will be furniture, chandeliers, rugs, or even art. In this tiny room, look at your walls. Wallpaper in the powder never fell out of favor, but it has been updated with new and striking designs. Go for bold colors, beautiful patterns, geometrics, and textures with glass beads, or go for an elegant look with a dark paint color. Tile and stone can also be an interesting addition to the walls. Whatever it is: make a statement!!



2. Interesting Find

Think of this project as a great way to give your guests a surprise. It’s fun to put unexpected items in a powder room. Find an antique mirror, use a quirky light fixture, a concrete sink, and interesting art; anything unique will add so much to your space, and it will be fun hunting for it. Remember, it’s a small space, so have fun, it won’t be too much!



3. Vanity

If you’ve got room for a vanity, many new options look like furniture; install a stone top, new hardware, a lovely sink & cool plumbing fixtures that fit the room’s personality. Another option is to install a wall mount piece on the wall to get a sleeker look. Sconces can flank the vanity; be sure to have a warm, eye-level glow and not harsh overheads.



4. Accessorize

Place a few beautiful accessories, such as an orchid, a crisp white hand towel, and a nice receptacle for trash. Find a pretty soap dispenser for a fragrant liquid soap. Remember, it’s not a place for just the basics; it’s a place for bold color and playful design. It doesn’t have to break the bank because it’s such a small space. So have fun!



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