Guests: Summer Time Visitors

Summer time is time for visitors!  Need to turn your guest room into a vacation spot for your friends?  Following these simple comforts below will make every guest love staying with you.


Set up a little coffee and tea area with cups, and a well-stocked basket of coffee and tea with snacks. Don’t forget bottles of water for bed time, too.


Be sure to have a power strip for their plug-ins.  You can also put an iHome speaker in the suite.  Post your Wi-Fi name and password on a guest card so they won’t have to ask.


Arrange tiny shampoos and lotions in a basket or on a pretty tray w/a scented candle.  Be sure to have fresh, fluffy towels on hand, too!  Hang a couple of super comfy plush robes so they can wrap up after a shower.  Also, if you have a pool, leave pool towels, sunscreen and aloe for their afternoon play.

Closet space and drawers

Make room in your closet and dresser so your guests have room for their belongings.  Leave the closet door cracked open and be sure to have plenty of empty hangers.  Also, have someplace they can put their luggage.  

Unexpected supplies

Leave an area that has those items that may have been forgotten such as disposable razors, toothbrushes & toothpaste, nail clippers, a featherless pillow, extra blanket and a flashlight.
Being the perfect hostess is easy!  With a little thought and preparation you may be the house that everyone wants to visit this summer.

The Coton House design team can help you with any aspect of your home visit. Give us a call for assistance.


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