Guest: During the Holidays


Ready the guest rooms

With friends and family coming to town this time of the year, I start out by dusting off the guest rooms. Next, make the bed. There’s nothing like cozier than getting into a bed with fresh sheets and a warm blanket. I love deeper colors and patterns this time of the year. It makes it feel more inviting.

Give the bathroom attention

I hate cleaning the bathrooms, but it does make it worthwhile with a few holiday touches. Replace the hand towels and change the soap dispenser to something that has a scented soap. Also, add a little holiday decor like an ornament display or a ceramic momento.



Pull out the candles

This is the time of the year to make your home more inviting. Candles always help create a cozy environment and make rooms smell so, so good. I love the pine scents at this time of the year as my tree is never smells strong enough! Candles are great in every room if alone or in a setting with other sized candles paired with a tray of ornaments. Use holiday colors to go along with the theme of your tree.



Clean as you go

You will thank yourself later if you take a little time to prepare beforehand so you’re not rushing around in a panic. Don’t expect to get the house ready for guests in a few days. Take time to prepare, as the holidays are already stressful enough.

Prep the kitchen (and the bar)

Most of us spend most of our time during the holidays in the kitchen. Everyone always flocks there even when there’s no cooking going on. To be prepared and save any embarrassment, organize your space and pantry before guests join in on the fun. Think about what drinks you will be serving and what guests will request. Be sure to have an area where they can help themselves. Have appropriate glasses and mixers organized.



Good luck with your preparations and have fun with your guests!

We can remake your bed or your whole room. Reach out today to our Coton House design team for assistance.


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