Every Type of Pillow You Need to Know

Decorative pillows are the most effective way to add color, pattern, texture, and style to a room. They are incredibly versatile, and there are endless shapes and styles to have them constructed. Designing pillows involves so many details, but a custom design offers the ability to create something that is uniquely yours and perfect for your space. Here are some of the options you need to consider for the design.

Self Welt

Welt is made with the same fabric as the pillow.

Cord Welt

The workroom uses a premade welt to create a contrasting finish.
(Ivory Pillows)

Knife Edge

The pillow has a single seam that creates crisp lines and corners.

Photo Credit: Square Feathers


Fabric that extends beyond the seam of the pillow to create a softer look. (Amber/ Gray Pillows)

Color Blocked Pillows

The workroom cuts and sews the fabric to create the desired pattern.

Photo Credit: Square Feathers


The tape can be added in any design to add personality to the pillow.


The workroom adds a premade fringe ribbon to the edge of the pillow. (Teal Pillow)


You can add ties to the corners of the pillow to add some interest. (Blue Pillow)


Buttons or stitching is used to create this effect.

Box Shape

Gives the pillow a flat edge.
(Gray Pillow)

Neck Rolls and Bolster

Rounded pillow to help you complete a space. (Turquoise Pillow)

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