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Self- care should be a priority for all of us since we all have busy schedules and lives. My personal goal for the year is to live a more balanced life and holistic lifestyle. This is a trend known as the Green Movement where the goal is to accomplish harmony in the social, emotional, physical, occupational, intellectual, spiritual, physical, and environmental aspects of a person’s life.



As designers, we can create spaces that will allow our clients to reach their goals. In this case, our goal is to design bathrooms that become a relaxing oasis for the person using the space. This might be an even bigger priority after a busy holiday season.



Water is a powerful resource that can be used for self-care and relives, restores, and promotes healing. Therefore, it is important that your designer spends the time specifying a tub that best fits your needs. I had the opportunity to visit the MTI Baths Woodward Mill House to test the variety of features that are available when choosing the perfect tub for your bathroom.



There are two main categories for bathtub therapies: water and sensory. Water therapies include soaking baths, stream baths, air baths, whirlpools, and microbubbles. Sensory therapies can also be incorporated into the design of a tub. These include aroma, thermal, chroma, and audio. Checkout our water and sensory therapy blogs for more information. These features can be specified to create a tub that perfect for your lifestyle.



Other options to consider include keypad controls, grab bars, and location of the pump. The takeaway from this experience is that choosing a tub and its features should not be overlooked. As designers, we see problems everyday that we learn how to fix. If we are unsure, we have a design team and a group of reps that we can bounce ideas from to ensure you get the desired result. Reach out to schedule a consultation to discuss how we can help create your dream bathroom.


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