Bold Tile Designs for Bathrooms


Bathrooms are constantly going through one design trend after another, In the ’50s we had Pepto Bismol-pink bathrooms, in the 80s it was vivid greens and in between, we’ve been privy to every shade of the color spectrum coming in and out of popularity. Over the past decade, it’s been all about the clean white bathroom look. Very clean, very simple and very, very safe.



I’m not sure if people are bored with white or just plain tired of being at home and seeing so much white, but we’re now getting back to color in a big way. Maybe the pandemic has pushed us all to be a bit bolder after two years of having to play it safe in many ways. Regardless, we’re seeing a resurgence of bathroom floors that are the opposite of bland and I love it.



If you want to skip having the interest on the floor, bring it over to the shower wall or floor tile or the backsplash. Those unique places can give an interesting, yet different feel. You can even do a bold or large-scale print to really add a zing.



This year, have fun, embrace the trend and go bold!



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