Foundation to Finishing Touches Interior Design

A Client Stress-Free Experience to Avoid Disruption in Your Life



You are ready for an updated space that you are proud to show your guest but don’t know where to start. It’s time to get rid of furniture that has seen better days or reminds you of your college self. The Coton House Design Team can manage the entire project for you, from foundation to finishing touches. We are known for listening and being honest with our clients. Our Broker and Principal Designer, Laurie Coton, knows how much you should invest in your home and how much is too much for the neighborhood market. Let us use our expertise to create a home that showcases your personality without the stress of doing it yourself. Here are three benefits of using an interior designer for a stress-free experience.



1) A Design You Are Proud to Showcase

Full-service interior design is one of the services offered at Coton House. This service is perfect for the client who loves delegating to the experts and is in it for the final result. Our clients hire us because our interior design team listens, and we gain their trust. We design everything with intent and transparency. Our goal is to create a space that you will enjoy and are proud to showcase for years to come. When working with the Coton House design team, you get the following expertise.

  • Our design process to help complete your project promptly
  • Access to our network of contractors, artisans, and vendors
  • Knowledge of the latest products, materials, and design trends
  • Creative problem-solving in designing your home to help you use the space more often and efficiently



2) Saving Time and Energy

The primary benefit of full-service interior design is the time and energy saved in reinventing your home. Our design team is here to use creative problem solving to help you spend wisely or stay within budget. We know the design process and will use our product knowledge and industry experience to help you spend efficiently. We also save you time on the project you otherwise would not have saved without a designer. A full-service interior does not get completed overnight, but our team will be present to help through the process. Here are the services included with a full-service interior design project.

  • Our team takes ownership of your design project from concept to completion
  • Specifications of construction finishes to drapery details
  • Create vision boards using finish and fabric memos to help you envision the design
  • Develop drawings for millwork, plumbing, lighting, electrical, and furnishings placement
  • Our admin takes care of ordering and troubleshooting involved with all items needed for your project
  • Work with trusted contractors to solve any problems that may pop up
  • Schedule additional trades related to your project (wallpaper installer, decorative painter, etc.).
  • Oversee furnishings installation and accessorizing for the reveal



3) Manage Your Design Investment

Our client’s trust and confidence are critical to a successful project.
A full-service design project is a financial investment and an investment in your home, lifestyle, and yourself. Keep in mind that you will need a budget for design services, construction materials, and furnishings. Our design team can help you allocate to the different components if you have an overall budget. Reach out to the Coton House Design Team to schedule a discovery design meeting.