Admin Team

The Coton House Admin Team provides company systems, in-house marketing, and transaction support to help your business. Our in-house marketing can help advertise the team creatively. Coton House has an in-house analyst to help grow the agent’s business by producing your custom landing page, personal drip campaigns, customer marketing, and analytics reviews. Our operations director will assist in transaction support to get agent commissions so they don’t have to waste time tracking them down.

Agent Team

Coton House uniquely combines real estate & leasing, investment opportunities, award-winning interior design, full-service remodeling, and new construction within a single hybrid organization. Better informed decision-making in a one-stop-shop environment achieves successful results while working within her clients’ budgetary goals. Agents have immediate access to the design and remodeling teams and can better advise their sellers on how to best position and make their property ready to market. Conversely, the teams can suggest to a buyer whether a property has inherent issues or other deficiencies and share information on how to best move forward within a cost-efficient budget.

Design & Remodeling

The Coton House Design and Remodeling Team can manage the entire project for clients, from foundation to finishing touches. Our team will use their expertise to create a home that showcases the client’s personality without the stress of doing it themselves. This service is perfect for the client who loves delegating to the experts and is in it for the final result. Our clients hire us because our interior design team listens, and we gain their trust. The designers make every decision with intent. Our goal is to create a space that the client will enjoy and are proud to showcase for years to come.

Investment Team

The Investment team consists of fully trained and qualified Investment Agents that will introduce development opportunities that match the investment range and meet desired investing goals. By performing in-depth financial cost analysis, having the proven ability to find and negotiate land acquisition, experience in development work, proven track record of construction, award-winning interior design, and expert salespeople, the road to investment properties under one roof is made simple. This group of builders, sales agents, investment experts, designers, and securities professionals, put the investment all together to offer a successful turnkey project, no matter if it is to build and sell or to build and hold.


Leasing Team

The HOU Luxury Apartments Team is the expert in finding apartments in the greater Houston area. Our goal is to match our clients with the perfect place for them. The team is up to date on new developments, pricing trends, and current specials. Providing the best service is our top priority. We consider the client’s preferences before presenting them with options. Our team is experienced in leasing and as licensed realtors. Our group of agents has the tools necessary to guide our client’s through every step of the process. We are experts in the leasing process and can help save our clients time and money. Let our team do the same for you.