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Houston is known for its diversity and foodie scene, but did you also know it’s known for it’s many art walls/graffiti? This art further represents our area’s rich culture and diversity. Most murals you’ll see were commissioned by the Houston Mural Festival and created by artists from around the world. Many of the works are located in Eado near Leeland and St. Emanuel, although there are hundreds of others located around town. Do yourself a favor and go visit a few on the next sunny day. Some of my favorites are below:

My Favorite Family Friendly award goes to — Hearts Mural by John Whaley which is on the wall of the Houston Graffiti Building at 1538 St. Emanuel. I’d love to do an interior design project with this look. How much fun would that be!

My Favorite Texture goes to — KungFu Mural by @kungfuart which is on Graffiti Park’s wall of Mercy Night Club at 1505 St. Emanuel. To me it actually looks like it belongs in a Houston art gallery.

My favorite Houston inspired mural is a tie between Houston is Inspired at Travis Street. This was actually one of the first murals to be painted to promote Houston’s culture and people. Of course, the other favorite is Greetings From Houston in the Heights at 3601 White Oak

My favorite for best use with existing architecture goes to — The Lizard Mural at the Houston Graffiti Building at 1503 Chartres in the Third Ward.

Grab a latte or a mimosa on the patio at Leeland house. It’s a short walk, just around the corner. Then head out and explore the art! If you need a map, check out houstonmuralmap.com and have fun!

One part of being a great Realtor is knowing your city. Let us be your tour guide for the search for your next home.


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