Favorite Mexican Restaurants

My favorite Mexican restaurant has closed and I still haven’t gotten over it. The Last Concert was a staple for decades. You remember, it was the hole in the wall on the northside of Downtown, where you had to knock on the red door to enter. I loved the ambiance, the wait staff, the enchiladas and the music.

What are my must haves, you may ask? I like a great margarita (imagine that), spicy sauce, fun atmosphere and interesting food. I don’t care if the spot is a quirky place on a rough street or if parking is non-existent. Actually, quirky will raise it up higher on my favorites list! Anyway, I’m still searching for a replacement and so far, these are in the running for my next favorite.

Teotihuacan at 1511 Airline

It’s always hustling, sports are always on the tvs, there’s a vast assortment of menu options and I love that the crowd is always diverse and lively. It’s the kind of place you can talk to the table next to you and have a great time.

Hugo’s at 1600 Westheimer

This regional Mexican cuisine has more of an authentic flair and upscale attitude. The margaritas are hand-shaken and the chef is nationally renowned. The presentation is wonderful as is the patio and everything on the menu is divine.

Cuchara at 214 Fairview

This is a Mexico City style bistro. I love sitting near the bar, as there are neighborhood regulars who frequent often and it’s great fun to hear their banter with the bartenders. Everything is great here and I particularly love the dishes they serve their food in. Also, be sure to go for the margarita of the day. You won’t go wrong!

Let me know your favorites so I can try them out! You never know, it may be my new mainstay for Mexican food!

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