Favorite Coffee Shops and Why

Sometimes all you need to get your motor going for a day full of daunting to-dos is a good cup of joe! These are some of my favorite coffee shops for getting my day started or just catching up with a friend.



Siphon- W Alabama St

Siphon’s central location is just one of many perks about this coffee shop. As the name suggests, this coffee shop brews their joe using halogen siphons, making the art of brewing each cup an entertaining and whimsical display. Their unique method not only earns them style points but also major props in the taste department, too! Free wifi and delicious pastries are icing on the cake.



Giant Leap- Uptown Park Blvd

Giant Leap is serving up coffee in an area previously deprived of non-chain coffee shops- and we are grateful! They are a small local business that aims to support other small local businesses, a cause we can get behind. On a beautiful day when the sun is out and the temp is right, this is just the place to come and enjoy some fresh air while you sip on delicious local coffee, tangy local kombucha, or a hot cup of tea from their global selections. Giant Leap also offers fresh pastries from Tlahuac. And if you’re anything like me, the last thing you want to deal with when you go to a coffee shop is struggling to find a parking spot before you’ve ever even entered the building. Luckily, parking is plentiful at this spot, a perk that not many coffee shops in Houston can boast.




FIX Coffeebar- Westheimer Rd

At FIX they take pride in their locally roasted coffee and their baristas, always delivering their coffees with touches of flair from sprinkles to latte art and displaying daily who will be brewing your coffee. Their real claim to fame is being the originators of the honey lavender latte here in Houston. If you haven’t had one yet, trust us, it’s a must. And if a cup of coffee isn’t tickling your fancy at the moment, they also have an impressive selection of teas, pastries, breakfast tacos, wraps, and sandwiches.


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