Best Food Trucks in Houston

Houston is famous for its food scene and food trucks are no exception! Here are some of the best food trucks in Houston:

1. The Waffle Bus

This food truck has been around for a while. They serve a variety of delicious sweet and savory waffles, such as their chicken and waffles and Nutella and banana waffles.

2. Foreign Policy

This food truck serves international cuisine with a twist, including dishes like their Korean fried chicken and falafel tacos.

3. Pho-jita Fusion

This food truck serves a unique combination of Vietnamese and Mexican cuisine, such as their popular phorrito (a pho burrito) and banh mi tacos.

4. Tacos Tierra Caliente

Serving some of the best tacos in Houston, including traditional Mexican tacos such as al pastor and carne asada, this is a taco truck to not miss.

5. The Rice Box

This food truck serves delicious Chinese-American dishes, such as their General Tso’s chicken and orange chicken.

6. Eatsie Boys

They serve a variety of comfort food, such as their mac and cheese stuffed burger and truffle fries, which are amazing!

7. It’s a Wrap

Specializing in gourmet wraps, this truck has options like their chicken Caesar wrap and Mediterranean wrap that will totally wrap up your appetite.

8. Happy Endings

Known for their decadent desserts, such as their deep-fried Oreos and funnel cakes, this truck is the perfect way to end your evening.

9. Muiishi Makirritos

Combining Japanese and Mexican flavors to create unique dishes like their sushi burritos and poke nachos, this is fusion at its best.

10. El Guajillo

Don’t miss this food that truck serves authentic Mexican dishes, including their signature dish, chile guajillo con carne.


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