The 8-Step Selling Process in 3rd Ward

Our Team of Real Estate Agents Will Walk Our Clients Through The Process

All the agents in our real estate agency in 3rd Ward, 77004, are qualified to walk our clients through the entire process from start to finish. Coton House 3rd Ward real estate agents also get to know clients during the home buying and selling process, how you want to live in your space, and your likes, needs, and goals. Clients become a part of the Coton House family when our 3rd Ward realtors help you buy or sell their 3rd Ward, 77004 homes. Our real estate agents know our clients will have questions and concerns, but clients will be able to have a smooth transaction in the selling process with our realtor’s guidance.

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1. Consultation

Meet with your Real Estate Agent! Our 3rd Ward realtors will discuss the listing price, terms, and contracts. Our real estate agents complete training to gather all available market data or listings of comparable houses for sale, research subject property information, and complete an evaluation of the condition of the client’s property. Our 3rd Ward, 77004 realtors will help you decide on a competitive asking price. Our real estate agents price competitively to help sell the real estate client’s home at the highest price quickly. Our real estate agency in 3rd Ward, 77004, will also oversee the preparation of all documents for signature and makes available proper signage to our agents to help with the sale of the property. Are you ready for a new home? Let a Coton House agent help you find a home when relocating to 3rd Ward, 77004.


2. Prepare Your Home

Stage your home to sell, make upgrades or repairs, and declutter to show. When staging your home make sure the home is clean and decluttered. Our 3rd Ward, 77004 real estate agents will walk the property with the client to help them determine what to declutter. Our agents will evaluate every room to ensure the removal of all unnecessary items. Rooms include the bathroom, kitchen, living room, breakfast room, family room, dining room, bedroom, kid’s rooms, children’s rooms, nursery, media room, game room, entertainment room, bar, laundry, guest rooms, or office. Our 3rd Ward realtors review the 3 C’s when helping you determine the extra clutter in Closets, Cabinets, and Countertops. You can also look at listings of houses for sale in your area to see what other houses were staged. If you were expecting to get more for your listing, you might consider investing in some upgrades. Coton House has a team of real estate agents that are able to help clients relocate to 3rd Ward, 77004. Upgrades & repairs are also important to get the most out of your home. Clients will be encouraged by our realtors to clean walls and inside and outside windows. Upgrades that will significantly impact the selling price are replacing bold wall colors or faded walls with a more neutral color. Our real estate agents are excellent at looking for the items that will help potential clients envision themselves in the home. Replacing burned-out bulbs, re-caulk showers/bathtubs/sinks, and replacing cracked floors make a big difference. Our 3rd Ward real estate agency consists of real estate agents, interior designers, and project managers. The Coton House, real estate agency has compiled an extensive list of contractors that we can refer you to for home repairs. Your realtor will look at listings of houses for sale and other houses that have sold in 3rd Ward, 77004 to give you options of upgrades that will make a return on your investment.


3. Enhance Your Landscaping

The landscape is the first point of contact for potential home buyers. Curb appeal is major. Club appeal is everything to clients and our real estate agents. When people are relocating to 3rd Ward, you want them to get the best impression of your home. You can only have one first impression, and our 3rd Ward, 77004 realtors want clients to see the best version of the house. Landscaping is vital in 3rd Ward. Keep lawn edged, cut, and watered regularly. Trim hedges, prune trees, sweep and wash sidewalks, and remove dead or damaged vegetation. Adding new mulch and planting fresh, bright flowers will be an investment that will make a difference. When putting your house on the market, you want your landscaping to look similar to or better than other houses for sale in 3rd Ward, 77004. We suggest updating your front door color to make a statement if your HOA allows it.


4. List & Show

Your agent will place your home on the open market, schedule open houses, private showings, etc. Your Coton House realtor will price your home competitively with other houses for sale. You will quickly sell your home at the highest by doing so.


5. Offers & Negotiation

Negotiate the offer and send counter offers! Complete disclosures and accept an offer to sell. Your home is listed with your Coton House agent, they converse with interested parties, advertise on social media, and offers are collected for your home in 3rd Ward, 77004. Your Coton House agent will ask for the highest and best offer and will help you decide which is the best for you. You then sign off on the best purchase offer and all disclosures and get ready to move to the next step in the purchase cycle.


6. Under Contract

You have an accepted offer from a buyer, and both parties have signed agreements. You have reviewed all documents with your Coton House agent in 3rd Ward, 77004, accepted an offer from a buyer, received a pre-approval letter, and signed the agreement. Now, it is time to head into the option period where the buyer will have inspections performed and will request money in lieu of repairs or will ask for closing costs. Your Coton House agent will help you with negotiations on those repairs. Once signed off, the transaction moves into the pending stage.


7. Final Details

While under contract, the buyer will work with their mortgage to finalize their loan and get home inspections. You have reviewed all documents with your Coton House agent, accepted an offer from a buyer, received a pre-approval letter, and signed the agreement. Now, it is time to head into the option period where the buyer will have inspections performed and will request money in lieu of repairs or will ask for closing costs. Your Coton House agent will help you with negotiations on those repairs in 3rd Ward, 77004. Once signed off, the transaction moves into the pending stage.


8. Closing

Congratulations on the sale of your listing and relocation to your new home in 3rd Ward, 77004!



The Coton House 3rd Ward real estate team brings their experience and knowledge to every listing in 3rd Ward, 77004. Our team of real estate agents is a talented and diversified team of realtors that is small enough to deliver personalized services. Our realtors are selected for their experience and motivation to develop lasting relationships through excellent service via a collaborative team approach. Reach out to the Coton House Realtor team to schedule a consultation. Call us at (832) 304-7782 or email us at to find the right realtor for you.


“I purchased my first home with Laurie in 2012. She helped me sell it this year after I moved out of state. I cannot express how easy Laurie made every part of the process for me during both the purchase and then subsequent sale, years later. Being over 1000 miles away from Houston for each transaction, having such a local expert in Laurie was completely invaluable. Laurie and her team truly go above and beyond. I had a unique set of circumstances with the sale of my home that required extensive communication with the City of Houston to resolve. Laurie was there every step of the way and provided every resource to lessen the burden on me. Laurie is definitely an expert in her field and provides completely personalized attention. I could not ask for anything more. Needless to say, if I ever find myself back in the Houston area, Laurie is the first person I will call to help me find my new place!”

-Julia M.