Shanee Dunbar

With familial roots in Trinidad, Shanee is the epitome of the diverse city that Houston has become. A visit to family already successfully involved in business opportunities in Barrow, Alaska, her entrepreneurial father moved his family to capitalize on the lucrative potential. Shanee’s development years were spent in Barrow, a village of about 3,000 souls and Tacoma, Washington, where she earned an AA degree in Communications. As a teen, she gained important administrative experience working with her father’s company, but later in Tacoma, she applied to a Craig’s List ad for a position in leasing. Much to her surprise, she landed the job primarily for her enthusiasm and excitement over being given the opportunity.

Those personal attributes served her well when she relocated to Orlando, Florida. She further developed skills in property management, working with the broad spectrum of luxury properties to Section 8 housing. Shanee said, “I’m comfortable working with people from all different walks of life”. Having become a Houstonian several years ago, she focuses on residential real estate, leasing, and new home communities. She is familiar with the areas of Cypress, Willowbrook, Jersey Village, The Woodlands, as well as the Inner Loop. She enjoys the endless opportunities for growth offered by working in real estate.

A wide-eyed enthusiast, Shanee said, “I get excited about highlighting things that are undiscovered.” A mother of two young children, her avocation is hosting live music performances and events and eventually plans to develop a media source for creative people to reference for guidance, mentorship, and information.

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