Natalie Annette

Business Development and Interior Design

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Natalie’s interior design experience coupled with her vast network developed in her entrepreneurial activities over the last 30 years are well suited for the unique portfolio of services offered by The Coton House. Her role is Business Development and Interior Design services for the agency.

Natalie studied at the Art Institute of Houston after attending The University of Houston, and discovered her innate design vision is capable of confidently introducing innovations such as a splash of eclectic flair to traditional motifs. She enjoys designing for a client’s home or a professional office setting. She is also versatile and creative when it comes to incorporating multiple colors and patterns while competently providing impeccable attention to detail and client preferences.

A native Houstonian, Natalie attributes her passion for design to her Italian heritage and a year’s sojourn in Europe. It inspired her love of travel, appreciation of different cultures and the value of friendship. She is co-founder of The Candelari Company, which continues as a successful restaurant operation. Her published children’s book “The Grand Festive Picnic” inspired her artistic eye to design a tableware line that is both playful and elegant. She calls it The Jubilee Collection and describes it as “Bold, Unique, Artistic” — much like the designer herself.

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