Jeff Rodgers

Managing Principal

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Jeff Rodgers began working in the home building industry after concluding his career in the armed forces and graduating from college with his studies focused on the field of law. After deciding that practicing law was not his ultimate career choice, he took a position with a large homebuilding firm as an assistant construction manager and gained knowledge of everything from concrete work and framing to final finish and inspections. He learned construction from the ground up, working his way up through the ranks in the Houston homebuilding industry. His success ultimately propelled him to become the Vice President of construction at another homebuilding firm where he was not only involved in construction management but also business planning, sales, closings and community development. Along the way, Jeff discovered a knack for getting the best from his fellow workers. With this gift he founded CRV Homes in 2009 for the purpose of fulfilling a well needed industry void. Shortly after the formation of CRV Homes, Jeff formed a partnership with Noe Bastidas where they created a streamlined, transparent and simplified process of residential home development.

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