Quarterly Awards

Coton House awards team members for their spirit of collaboration, production successes and their social media achievements on a quarterly basis. It’s always a difficult choice, but we think it’s important to recognize team members for their hard work and successes and what they bring to our Coton House team.


Most Valuable Player

This award is not necessarily given out to the agent who has the most production during the quarter, even though this time, this award winner is currently the top producer. The MVP award is given to the agent who is the strongest team player. Although, she is our top producer, this person still makes time to come to investment team meetings, contract education meetings and team gatherings. She shares her wisdom freely, is always energetic and is happy to pass along any opportunities with our other agents. We are truly delighted to have Jenny Fitzpatrick as our MVP for this quarter.



Deal Maker

The Deal Maker award goes to the agent who has had the most impact on his/her market. Not only active in the real estate market, this agent is spearheading the investment team’s new builds at multiple locations. She has been instrumental in land acquisitions, working with investors, reviewing building plans, working with our builder, designing interiors and is now working on the development and will then market and sell the upcoming units along with her team. Airan Arellano congratulations on being our 3rd quarter Deal Maker.


Social Media Production

This award goes to Luis Rendon who is a social media role model. The head of our HOU apartment leasing team, he takes professional quality videos of all of the apartment buildings and units the team lists. His timing and picture quality is spot on. Postings on Instagram, Facebook, HOU Apartment locating website and the Coton House website are a regular occurrence. He has also been working hard to share all of his videos on our YouTube channels, HOU and CH. Thank you, Luis, for not only representing the Coton House team well, but also professionally marketing your client’s buildings.



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