Why People are Investing in Water Therapies

Baths are beginning to regain popularity, because people are starting to realize the importance of self care. Water therapies can easily be incorporated into your routine. Soaking baths, stream baths, air baths, whirlpools, and microbubbles are all water therapies that can be specified for your tub.

Soaking baths are essential to the bathing experience. 90% of gravity’s toll on the body is relieved when bathing. A designer can help you specify your tub’s measurements to ensure you have the proper amount of space. The goal should be to create a space when you are comfortable enough to relax.

Stream baths create the ultimate soaker. A gentle water current is added to soothe and relax. The currents are to mimic the currents of a stream and are supposed to make you feel as if you were laying in one. The immersive experience will help you feel like you are in nature.

Air Baths add air movement to simulate a natural hot spring. Bubbles rising from the tub floor to fill the bathtub and submerge your body to improve circulation, relax, cleanse, and detoxify. That is to ensure that the air reaches the user, instead of just creating water noise. When done correctly, air baths are a soothing and relaxing feature.

For a deep tissue massage, Whirlpools are the way to go. These are great for sore muscles and to sooth aching joints. It offers adjustable deep tissue massage with point massage jet, micro jets, and air volume control. A whirlpool bath offers recovery after intense training or aggressive physical therapy. We also suggest tub options that are hygienic such as cleaning systems. We want to ensure that you never see black gunk come out of your whirlpool. We look for tubs that are engineered to not store water and self-cleans with little water. Whirlpools are a true effective therapy and the most popular out of the water therapies.

Microbubbles adds billions of tiny oxygen bubbles to the water and will turn the water milky white. This is a health and beauty benefit because the microbubbles will penetrate the pores to cleanse and gently exfoliate. It increases skin hydration by 45%. The microbubble foot spa chairs are beginning to gain popularity due to their exfoliating features.

All forms of water therapy offer wellness benefits. A designer can help you decide which features would be best for you. If you can’t decide all can be added. A control pad can be used to determine the number of features used at once. Which features sound the most intriguing to you? Reach out to schedule a consultation with the Coton House design team to design your dream bathroom.


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