Trend Forecast for 2021

A new year often brings new inspiration and the birth of new trends. Here is an exciting review of new trends we’re seeing emerge in our homes!

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As we have continued to navigate these unprecedented times, our now-more-than-ever-important home spaces have adapted with us.

Open floor plans, at the moment, are less than ideal considering at any given time an entire family of five could all be under one roof- mom and dad yapping on Zoom calls, the kids chit chatting at virtual school, TV blaring, bread being baked, mass amount of toilet paper being hauled into the house…. You get the picture. We’re thinking we’ll see more installations of sliding doors between spaces. Spaces where peace and quiet exist have become a commodity and thus there has been an increased need for accessory dwelling units such as she sheds and garage apartments. We anticipate seeing more construction of these.

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With families eating out less and staying in more, the landscape of the kitchen has changed as well. The addition of more work spaces such as baking stations are becoming a necessity. Touchless faucets are taking off and people are spicing up the décor by using interesting tiles for the backsplash- after all, we do have to look at it all day now!


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The past year came with its share of Netflix binge watching days and what better place to watch your favorite shows than from the comfort of your own bed. We predict channel tufted headboards and any other cloud-like features that add a little cozy to your nook will become staples. If we can’t travel then we might as well make our room our oasis!


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After not being able to go outside for months, everyone is dying for some fresh air. We’re seeing an increased interest in air purifiers and an emphasis on the importance of ventilation in homes. Expect to see improvements in outdoor living spaces such as patios, decks, pergolas, and outdoor kitchens.


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2020 is the past and with 2021 comes the future- barrier free “curbless” showers. That’s right people- we can’t travel international borders so we erased borders in showers! Expect to see more larger scale tile and quartz countertops to amp up the clean look.


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