Tips for keeping your space clean

Spring is upon us and with that comes everyone’s least favorite thing: spring cleaning. Spring cleaning doesn’t have to seem like such a daunting task though. To help you get a head start, here’s four tips for keeping your space clean.


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1. Make sure everything has a place

This is especially important for small spaces like apartments or townhomes. If your things don’t have a home where they live, then cleaning your space is next to impossible. When choosing a home for each item think about the logical progression of using that item (ex: coffee cups should be kept above the coffee machine, jackets should be kept by the backdoor, towels should be kept in the cabinet under your bathroom sink). Having a specific, logical space for each item makes it much easier to put things away right after you use them. 


2. If it takes less than two minutes, do it now

This idea comes from the GTD method established by David Allen’s book Getting Things Done. The idea is to maximize your productivity at work and in your personal life by organizing your thoughts and things properly. Instead of procrastinating, take the extra ten steps to put your shoes in the closet now rather than leaving them at the door or the extra two minutes to start that load of laundry now rather than waiting until you have no clean clothes to wear. This frees up space in your mind for the more important things like that meeting you have with your client or your child’s soccer game.


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3. Clean as you go

If you wait until that one piece of clothing you threw on the floor turns into a pile of clothing you threw on the floor, chances are you’ll be that much more inclined to procrastinate on cleaning up your mess. Don’t let your messes become so big that the task seems too daunting to tackle. Instead of leaving a mound of dirty dishes in the sink, start preparing your meal by first clearing the sink of any dishes. Next, cook your meal and clean the dishes you use as you go. That way when you finish eating, all you have to worry about are the dishes you ate off of. You will thank yourself later! 


4. Daily appointments

Carve out ten minutes each day to clean. Make an appointment in your phone. Each time your reminder goes off everyday, spend at least 10 minutes cleaning your space; NO EXCUSES! Make a promise to yourself to keep your appointment and watch how your stress decreases and your productivity increases!


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