Queen Elizabeth’s Shoes

I just saw a recent picture of Queen Elizabeth.  She always looks so jaunty in her beautiful hat, coat and shoes ensembles.  And the colors are so yummy!  I love that the colors are always so bright and crisp.  Of course, it is all on purpose.  She knows that people crowd to see her so the colors chosen are bright enough for onlookers even if they only see a snippet of bright pink, they will know they saw her. 

Of course, being a designer, I started wondering how she possibly stores all of those signature pieces.  I’ve read that she actually has a whole floor at the palace where everything is coordinated, dated on when she wears them and to what events.   


Photo Credit: Canva

Back to reality . . . storage is an issue for all of us.  Granted, we don’t have thousands of hats or a staff to bring everything down to us, but we do have hundreds of items that need functional storage.  Actually, every room in the house needs functional storage.  That’s where we come in.  We can help figure out what you have, suggest what is needed where and how it will best be stored in a reasonable and convenient method.  No matter if it’s the bathroom linen closet, bedroom closet, library shelving, kitchen layout, mud room backpack and sports area, or shoe storage like the Queen, there are many ways to organize and many great looks to use in those designs.  There’s a good solution for each equation.  Let us help you get started with your perfect storage solution today!       


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