Lighting Heights


Above a Kitchen Island

Our Coton House design team prefers installation of ceiling fixtures to be 30″-36″ from the surface of the kitchen island. If you are installing multiple fixtures, such as pendants, the widest part of the fixtures should be spaced at least 30″ apart for balance, light spread and visibility.



Above a Dining Table

We prefer having approximately 30″- 36″ between the bottom of the light fixture and the surface of the dining table. The width of the light fixture should be at least 6″ narrower than the width of your table. This elegant chandelier in this remodel project, is simple, but elegant and still gives works well with the antique table.



Above a Round Table

It’s best to choose a fixture with a width measuring between 1/2 and 3/4 the diameter of you round table. As with other surfaces, we prefer leaving approximately 30″- 36″ between the bottom of your light fixture and the top of your table. The lantern we placed in the picture below is clean-lined and perfect for the space.



Linear Fixtures Above a Surface

Proportion is definitely the key to sizing an elongated light fixture. Our Coton House design team likes a fixture that is less than 2/3 the length of the table. If your table or island is extra long, think about hanging a pair so the area is lit adequately.


Photo Credit: Regina Andrew


Let our Coton House design team find the light that is just right for you and your space!


Photo Credit: Hudson Valley Lighting Group


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