How to Use Pinterest to Find Your Personal Style

Whether you want to decorate an empty room from scratch or use existing furniture to create a new design, figuring out your personal style can be a little challenging. Flipping through magazine after magazine might provide some inspiration, but what if you could cut down on time while pinpointing your exact style at the same time? Welcome to Pinterest.

In case you’re not familiar with Pinterest, it’s a social media site that’s sort of like a photo library online. The site describes itself as a “visual discovery tool for saving creative ideas.” With Pinterest, you can search for and save thousands – maybe even millions – of images of anything, including home decorating ideas. We like to call it the ultimate vision board online. However it’s described, Pinterest is a great site to use for figuring out what you like and what you don’t like.

Let’s say your favorite color is purple, and you know you want to incorporate the hue into your bedroom décor. With Pinterest, you can conduct a targeted search for “purple” and “bedroom” to come up with a ton of ideas. You’d see everything from rooms with purple walls to those with only accents in the color. Included in the results would also be ideas from every conceivable style: modern, classic, rustic, contemporary and more. You can pick and save images you like then look for common themes among the photos to discover what appeals to you.

If you have multiple rooms you’re decorating, create a “board” for each area rather than lump everything together in one space. This will allow you to better compare images in the same category and pinpoint the items you like in each and why.

When saving or repining an image, add your own description as a reminder of what you like about the photo. Be as specific as you want. Remember, you’re going to use this tool as a reference once you’re ready to meet with an interior designer or if you’re going to make a few purchases on your own. We typically ask our new clients to show us their boards so we have a better idea of what they like and what they don’t. Pictures solidify our conversations and by looking at closely we can see trends that the pinner may not have realized.

As you use Pinterest, pay attention to boards you like, and consider following the boards of those pinners. If you see an item you like Pinterest, many times the person who pinned the photo will include a link to the original source where you can either purchase the item or find other decorating ideas. Also, as you start to develop your personal style, there may be pins that no longer fit. Don’t be afraid to edit your boards to better reflect your newly discovered style. Have fun!


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