How to Organize Your Home for the New School Year

Getting your family ready for the new school year takes more than buying new clothes and supplies. The next nine or ten months will be filled with your kids’ friends, science and art projects, study sessions and extracurricular activities. It can all be a bit much for any family, but one way to help lessen the anxiety is to get your home organized in time for the start of the school year. Here are some suggestions for preparing your family and your home for this special time of year.

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Set up the closet for school

Getting a handle on your kids’ wardrobes can be a challenge, even if they wear uniforms. To save time and avoid headache, get the closets organized. By adding extra shelves or poles it is so much easier to organize. Getting dressed in the morning will be quicker and easier. Rearrange closets so clothes that are worn often are stored in the same area, while outfits worn sparingly are housed near the back. Most kids wear the same two or three pairs of shoes during the fall, so having those in a dedicated spot will also help with getting ready in the morning.


Get a handle on technology

Laptops, tablets, smart phones and gaming systems are great for learning and fun, but with all those gadgets and their power cords, chargers, batteries and the like can make the house look a little messy. If you have younger kids, this may not be an issue, but for teenagers, you can encourage them to keep their devices with their backpacks or in a desk drawer so they’re out of sight and can easily be located when necessary. Getting a few well selected pieces of furniture that can handle your specific needs will go a long way with organization.


Set up a storage system

Little things can quickly pile up to make big messes if there isn’t a designated place for them. Build out a mud room or a storage closet or some other spot where you children can put their backpacks, sports gear and other items they’ll use on a daily basis.


Find a desk now

Have fun shopping together. Have it all set up with a lamp, a comfortable chair and a wall calendar or note board for keeping track of those assignments. When the rush of the first day of school comes, your work space will be ready.


Get help if you need it

If creating a system to organize your home for the school year just isn’t your thing, consider getting help from our team. There really is an art and skill to finding a place for everything and putting everything in its place.


With these handy tips, your family and your home will be ready for a less stressful and more enjoyable school year.


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