Front Porch

Have you ever thought about what people really see with their first glance at your house? It is not necessarily the house, but it is the focal of the front porch and front door! Because it’s the first vision, I wonder why so many times, it is neglected.


Let me help you with a few tips. This area is the “window” to your home. Think about what you want to project. Do you want clean and sleek, homey and welcoming, or mid-century simplicity, to name a few?



Second, everything doesn’t have to match, but you do need to have the scale that fits the area. For instance, if you have a large area, use oversized planters or lighting. Conversely, if it’s a smaller space, scale it down.



Think about the shapes, too. Items, including plants, that are more rounded, tend to be more welcoming vs. narrow and more angular items tend to be more modern and clean lined.



Next, think about color. Go with a color or colors that compliment the exterior, walkway and landscaping of the home.

This is such a fun project and so easy to do. Just think about the pointers and have fun!

If you need don’t have time, or need help with your entry or any other part of your home, call the Coton House design team today.


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