Front Porch Decoration

Our trees are decorated with shimmering lights and loved ornaments, our homes have a colorful display in the bushes and outlining the roof so it looks like freshly fallen snow. But have you thought about your front door? Of course, it’s easy to hang a wreath, but it can be so, so much more and so easily, too.

Make the entry just as grand as the front and the interior! Start out by getting a new holiday mat. Underneath it, place a small colorful rug. It can be a stripe or plaid to make it more festive. To the side, add several different sized lanterns with “flaming” candles in them. Don’t forget the mailbox. Either decorate the top or the front of it with scented pine cones and branches.

The wreath on the door can be as simple or as decadent as you’d like! I love mine to be lit and have ornaments and bells on it. You’ll jazz up the entry with scent, light, texture, pattern and shape!!! Have fun and happy holiday decorating!



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