Christmas Clean-up

Ways to Store your Decorations

It’s time to take down all of the Christmas decorations, but I have the same problem each year…Where do I put them all?? My closets are already packed! I know I need to be brutal and clean them all out in order to get organized as there’s so much wasted space in each.

We’ve gotten good at embracing change this year, so, why not continue that and do it to the closet?! I’ll start by getting rid of the ubiquitous single rod with the shelf on top. Instead, I’ll add more shelves that are closer together so I can get more in the space.

Also, I’ll take advantage of the backside of the door. I love the gift wrap stations so it’s a simple way to make one as I don’t have space for a desk.

I want everything to be organized by color or size so it can be found easily next year. I also want all of the buckets and baskets to look uniform. Having an organized closet that looks great is a real treat and it’ll make life so much easier having everything all in one place.

My only question, is why did it take me so long to do this??


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