Cabinet Personalities

What’s your cabinet personality??

The Shaker style door front is so popular now due to its versatility. It can be used in modern, transitional or country kitchens depending on the material used, the finish and the hardware. This is the one you will see most often. The look can change drastically, depending upon the color or material used.

Glass front

If you have lovely pieces you want to show off or a matching set of dishware to display, use multiple glass front cabinets. The grid is classic, but depending on the type of glass or mullion placement you use, the look can be dramatically different. Remember that you can mix and match with these fronts. I like them near a sink or an area where I want to lighten it up. Below is a great example of how we used both in a kitchen to help open it up.

Flat or flush front

Ideal for showcasing bold color in contemporary settings. You can choose laminate for a glossy look or paint a bold color on wood for a true statement. In the picture below, we chose a neutral high gloss for the cabinets to accentuate the neutral palette throughout the home.

More detail

For a softer, more elegant look, you can do a variety of raised panels and trims. In this bathroom, we chose a sophistocated look. It’s so perfect for the space.

What’s your favorite style? Let the Coton House design team transform your space with new cabinets or even a new look!


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