9 Design Trends for 2022

1. Neutrals

Perfect for all the core items in a space. Then add some color with accessories.

Photo Credit: Chaddock Home


2. Nature Inspired

Designs with colors, textures and shapes that resemble nature.

Photo Credit: Vanguard Furniture


3. Sculptural Furniture

Try incorporating different shapes in your space to create an interesting design.

Photo Credit: Noir Furniture


4. Mixing New and Old

Choose new items and mix in vintage pieces. Not only is it sustainable to upcycle a piece but it makes your space unique.

Photo Credit: Zak & Fox


5. Texture

Use a variety of textures throughout the space. This elevates the design of the space.

Photo Credit: Hellman Chang


6. Travel Inspired

Your space should reflect your personality. Showcase your travel experiences with pieces that you bring back from your trips!

Photo Credit: Scott Group Studio


7. Creating Your Own Design Style

Use design elements from different styles to create a design that is perfectly you.

Photo Credit: Phillip Jeffries


8. Bold Color and Pattern

Use pieces with create an emphasis of color and combine with fun prints to create an unforgettable room.

Photo Credit: Jane Churchhill


9. Cozy and Relaxing Spaces

Make your space feel inviting but combining multiple of the design trends listed above. Here you can see a space that combined textures, neutrals, color, and pattern. The Coton House Design Team can help you create a space that is not only design centric, but unique to you. Reach out to schedule a design consultation with our design team.

Photo Credit: Holly Hunt



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