5 Ways to Jazz Up Your Mantel

Asymmetrical Accessories

Instead of one large mirror, painting, or frame; a group of asymmetrical frames and accessories will bring interest to the space.


A focal point is created using color in the painting above the fireplace. It is a great way to grab your attention is a space that has natural textures and light colors.

Large Mirror

When using a mirror, your space feels larger and reflects light. Combine with bowls, vases, and other accessories to create a beautiful design.

Mixing Asymmetrical and Symmetrical Elements

Asymmetrical arrangements can be more interesting when combined with symmetrical elements. The beautiful vases and candle sticks are asymmetrical but are balanced with the sconces above the fireplace. The symmetry is then mimicked in the seating.


Designers love to hate TVs above the fireplace. It is time to embrace the TV and accessorize around it. This fireplace and TV create a focal point for the room and have beautifully accessorized bookshelves to create a cozy space.


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