Based in Houston, Griselda helps clients across the city, from the lively urban core to the serene suburbs. Yet, her deepest connection lies within The Heights, her cherished home for many years. With an intimate knowledge of the area’s cycling trails, culinary hotspots, and evolving landscape, she confidently shares its irresistible charm and allure.

Beyond her expertise in real estate, Griselda and her husband share a deep love for EDM and Reggae music. When not assisting clients, they are attending shows or traveling to attend music festivals.

What My Clients Say:

“Griselda is the most caring, attentive to detail, organized, personable, and hardworking agent I have ever worked with. She has made the burden of moving so much easier to carry. To touring apartments with me, to helping me understand my credit score to get approved!! I could not recommend anyone else as much as I would recommend her. I will be working with Griselda until it’s time to find my forever home. You are in safe hands with her. Love you, Griselda!”