Finding Your Pearland Dream Home

The 10-Step Process To Finding Your Dream Home

All the agents in our real estate agency can relocate you to Pearland in zip codes 77584 and 77581. We are experienced in walking our clients through the entire process from start to finish. Houston is a large city, and your agent can help you find homes for sale in your area. Coton House real estate agents in Pearland 77584 and 77581 also get to know clients during the home buying and home selling process, how you want to live in your space, and your likes, needs, and goals. Clients become a part of the Coton House family when our Pearland realtors help you buy or sell their Pearland home. Our real estate agents know our clients will have questions and concerns, but clients will be able to have a smooth transaction in the home buying process with our realtor’s guidance. Our Coton House agents can help you find homes for sale in Pearland77584 and 77581. Coton House realtors offer knowledge of many communities inside the loop and in the Pearland neighborhood of the greater Houston area. Knowledge about communities is an excellent benefit for those relocating to Pearland and 77584 and 77581.

Do you need help finding a real estate agent? Check our Coton House Realty page to find a Pearland realtor that can help with your relocation.

Save Your Down Payment

Many believe you need at least a 20% down payment to buy a home in Pearland and 77584 and 77581. There are many loans available that allow experienced and first-time home buyers to put down as little as 3% or 0% with a VA USDA or conventional loan. Ask a Coton House Pearland realtor about programs available and knowledge about communities in Pearland for those relocating before your search for homes for sale begins.

Know Your Credit Score

Your credit score is a numeric representation of your history and ability to pay back debts in the past. Different home loans have varying credit requirements. It would be best to have your credit score when searching for program options for buying your dream home in Pearland and 77584 and 77581. Your Coton House realtor can help you find a program that works for you before your search for homes of sale begins. We have agents that specialize in relocation to Pearland.

Find Your Coton House Real Estate Agent

Once you have a handle on your credit score and down payment savings, contact a Coton House real estate agent who can guide you through finding your home in Pearland and 77584 and 77581. It is vital to find an agent specializing in your needs, such as starter homes, new construction, first-time home buying and relocation to Pearland, etc. Your realtor will help you analyze your needs in a buyer consultation. Our agents can find options of homes for sale in Pearland and 77584 and 77581.

Get Preapproved

Before searching for homes for sale in Pearland and 77584 and 77581 begins, your Coton House agent will refer you to lenders to obtain financial preapproval. Your Pearland real estate agent will have a list of lenders you can work with to get preapproved for your mortgage. The preapproval process will help keep you and your realtor on budget during the next step! A Coton House, real estate agent, can help you find your perfect home when relocating.

Go Home Shopping

Make a list of what you want vs. what you need in your new home. Your agent will select home options of houses for sale for you to view in Pearland and 77584 and 77581. Your realtor will use this list to find a home for you to tour. Your realtor can help you find relocation options in your budget.

Make An Offer

After searching homes for sale in Pearland and 77584 and 77581, you have finally found the one! Your agent will help you determine the best price through comps for your new home in Pearland when relocating. The real estate agent will write a contract for the client’s offer to purchase. In a competitive market, you may not be the only one bidding & will want to stand out. Coton house agents can help you determine a suitable offer for your situation. Our Coton House realtors will help negotiate terms and will strive to get your offer accepted.

Get a Home Inspection

Once your offer is accepted, you will want to do a home inspection to ensure there are no hidden issues with the Pearland home. Your Coton House real estate agent, will assist with a list of qualified home inspectors. Once the inspection is conducted, your realtor will review the report with you. If any issues arise from the inspection, your real estate agent will help you understand the problems, negotiate for repairs and get money to go toward your closing costs.

Get a Home Appraisal

Your lender will arrange a home appraisal to ensure the property is worth your agreed price. The bank will only issue a loan for the home’s appraised value. The realtor will work with you to stay informed on the home’s appraised value. Pearland home appraisal is part of obtaining mortgage financing. Your lender will also do a credit check, underwriting, order a survey, and need your insurance.

Close The Sale

Once your loan is approved, your realtor will schedule a closing date with the title company. The title company will provide the title insurance and act as the escrow officer. Once all paperwork and funds are obtained from your lender for your closing, you will be ready to close on your property. Closing day is when you sign all your paperwork to complete the purchase, the money is funded from your bank, and the keys are exchanged. Your Coton House realtor will be with you through every step of the process. After searching for homes for sale in Pearland and 77584 and 77581, our team enjoys helping you get the keys to your new home and getting you moved into your new home in Pearland.


Congratulations! You are a homeowner; after finding homes for sale in Pearland, you will be able to take possession of your new Pearland or 77584 and 77581 home!

The Coton House Pearland real estate team brings their experience and knowledge to every transaction in Pearland and 77584 and 77581. A realtor on our team can help you narrow down the options of homes for sale in your area. Our team of real estate agents is a talented and diversified team of realtors that is small enough to deliver personalized services. A Coton House agent can help you find a home when relocating to Pearland. Our Pearland realtors are selected for their experience and motivation to develop lasting relationships through excellent service via a collaborative team approach. Let one of the Coton House real estate agents assist in finding your dream home in Pearland and 77584 and 77581.

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“Laurie was by far the best realtor we’ve had. She was patient, honest, and accommodating. We loved having her eye and knowledge of the area and plan on using her again for both buying and building”

-Sam S.