Thanksgiving Potluck 2022

I truly have so much to be thankful for. One huge part of my life that I am thankful for is the special people I get to spend time with on a regular basis. My Coton House team, staff and important vendor partners are people I cherish so much. Not only cherished as people that truly know their stuff and are happy to help with any needs that come up for our clients but also for their friendship.

Every year, our Coton House team celebrates Thanksgiving by sharing a potluck meal. Each team member brings their favorite dish and we savor them together. Several in the group are really terrific cooks. Abraham’s hummus and Heath Bar brownies are the bomb. Shannon brings the creamiest macaroni and her jalapeno cranberry dip is always a show stopper. This year we had homemade almond cake, thanks to Jennifer Cope’s, Mom, Astros layered cake with our logo on top courtesy of Craig Levin, homemade apple pie from Doug Sommer and bourbon pecan pie from Jenny Fitzpatrick’s Mother’s recipe. For those that aren’t such great cooks, store bought pies, treats and wine are always appreciated.

For the first time, we invited many of our favorite vendor partners to join us. The festivity, friendship and delicious food will be the talk of the office for weeks to come.

Our office was decked out with a fall colored balloon arch and readied for the photo op (and dance routines). Tables of desserts, drinks, appetizers and foods made a trail throughout the office. Customized take-away boxes were created for leftovers, and there were also fun games to help everyone get to know each other better. The lucky winners received Bourbon Chocolate Pecan pies from Three Brothers to share at their tables.

We all had a great time and are already planning for next year. In the meantime, tomorrow it’ll be time to dig into the leftovers!


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