Halloween Pumpkin Contest



The creator’s impression of impressionism in a postmodern context.



I had a few thousand nailheads in my drawer that needed to be used for something! and truth be told, I was talking so had to do something fast!



Kayla was in the mood to celebrate the brokerage.



I wanted to portray schizophrenia… it’s kind of all over the place and needs a little help, but I ended up with a cobweb design.



I was going for sunglasses, but it didn’t turn out right.



Mel loved the little white pearl details, so painted her pumpkin white and wrapped it in a gauzy layer.



My inspiration was to celebrate different seasons with a springtime garden and winter lights on an autumn pumpkin.



I like neutrals, so I painted it white and the gold strips were the only ones that stuck to the paint.


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