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Finding tenants can be a special challenge when there are so many choices for apartments in Houston. Having an experienced and skilled apartment locator can make all the difference when finding and attracting the right tenant for your building. We get to know your building and use our networking skills to help foster relationships between your staff and potential tenants. To accomplish this, we use several marketing platforms, including events, to draw tenants in to your building to help sell them on your space.

Hosting events is a great way to allow potential tenants to familiarize themselves with the building and get to know the leasing team. Our team has successfully planned and executed dozens of events on behalf of the many apartments we work with. Coton House has experience working with vendors from area restaurants, locally represented national brands and local artists and entrepreneurs. The benefits of cross marketing with vendors, buildings, and agent networks is priceless. 

If you’re a member of the leasing team at a building in town, we want to help you! To inquire about our free apartment locating services as well as our free event planning services for buildings, give us a call at 832-304-7782 or reach out to us at contact@cotonhouserealty.com.


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