National Ice Cream Month

Been craving some sweet news? According to former President Ronald Reagan, you have an excuse to throw out your summer dieting plans every July since he declared it as National Ice Cream Month! To celebrate, here’s a list of our favorite ice cream spots in Houston.


1. Creamistry

If you’re looking for dessert and a show, this ice cream shop is the place to go! They use liquid nitrogen to craft your custom ice cream creation right before your eyes. With loads of toppings, milk alternatives, and flavors to choose from, Creamistry is a crowd pleaser. Do yourself a ‘flavor’ and try to cookie butter ice cream when you go.

2. Fat Cat Creamery

Get a taste of Houston at this local shop in the Heights that specializes in small batch ice cream with unique flavors sourced from the area. They are dedicated to providing the freshest ice cream through using the freshest ingredients, all while honoring their allegiance to sustainability. They also offer other ice cold sweet treats like push-up pops, ice cream sammies, sundaes, floats, and even dipped cones.

3. Milk + Sugar

Like Fat Cat Creamery, this ice cream shop was born when two ice cream enthusiasts realized they couldn’t quite satisfy their cravings for uniquely flavored, fresh ice cream here in Houston. As a result, they set out to create their very own shop that incorporates the best homemade mix-ins with made-fresh-every-day, quality ice cream. They wanted to create flavor combinations that didn’t exist in the freezer isle that would keep customers coming back for more. The result is a unique, quirky ice cream shop in the Montrose area that serves up ice cream that is as unique as it is delicious!
Ice cream always brings me back to my childhood and although I no longer get a summer vacation, I can still transport myself right back to those happy, nostalgic feelings by enjoying an ice cream cone in the summer. I hope after reading about these three spots you are inspired to ditch the diet for a minute, bring out your inner child, and celebrate National Ice Cream Month!



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