11-Step Process for Houston Remodeling Projects

Full Service Remodel Home Experts

Coton House specializes in full-service remodeling and interior design in Houston, always starting with how our clients want to feel in their completed home interior. Houston remodeling is one of the components of our full-service interior design. This service is perfect for the Houston client who loves delegating to the experts and is in it for the final result. Our clients hire us because our remodeling team listens, and we gain their trust. Our remodeling design team designs everything with intent. Our goal is to create a space you will enjoy and are proud to showcase for years to come. Coton House will take a discovery call regardless if you only want to remodel a Houston kitchen or a master bath or completely renovate your home. Our designers create a design-centric design style to create the perfect Houston home for you after the remodel. Does that sound like a good fit for your Houston project?


1. Remodeling Discovery Call

The initial call is used to determine if we are a fit for one another for your Houston remodeling project. Is Coton House the right type of full-service remodeling firm for the client? Do the client’s ideals match the firm’s design process? The Coton House remodeling and interior design teams bring their experience and knowledge to every project in Houston. Coton House has acquired an extensive list of vendors, workrooms, and contractors to complete your home interior project through our years of practice in Houston. The Coton House remodeling and interior design teams also get to know you during the remodeling and interior design processes. How you want to live in your Houston home, your likes, needs, and goals. You become a part of the Coton House remodeling and interior design family when we design your home interior for you in Houston. The following information is gathered.

  • Project Details- Address, Timeline, Style, Location, Scope
  • Trades Hired- Architect, Builder, Etc
  • Homeowner- Decision Makers and Point of Contact

2. Remodeling Introductory Meeting

The goals of the remodeling initial meeting is to get to know the client, fully understand the scope, take measurements of your Houston home, and walk them through our process and fees. The project budget is also something to discuss. This will help our remodeling team develop the project scope and design time estimate for your Houston remodeling project.

  • Kitchen Design: The Coton House kitchen remodeling and interior design teams can develop a custom cabinet design for your home in Houston. Let us reinvent your kitchen! We can design your kitchen cabinetry as a statement piece. Your kitchen remodel will allow you to spend more time enjoying your kitchen. Our designers can develop drawings and finish selection boards for any cabinetry you may want to add or redesign, whether in the kitchen, bathroom, or any other room. Our goal is to make your Houston home shine and be functional. We are skilled at developing blueprints for kitchen design. As a proud member of the National Kitchen and Bath Association or NKBA, our kitchen remodeling Houston team can help you envision your home as we walk through your project and drawings. Coton House designers can assist in giving you ideas on how to improve your home in Houston. It is our job to find creative solutions throughout the process.
  • Primary Bathroom, Powder Rooms, and Secondary Bathroom Design: Our Houston remodeling and interior design team love what they do, and they make it fun. Coton House wants all our clients to use their newly remodeled and designed Houston home more often and proudly in Houston. Our interior designers can help you with your subway tile, marble, walk-in shower, soaking tub, and LED-lit mirror selections. Our interior designers are here for you to guide you through every step of remodeling and creating a truly memorable Houston home. Traditional, modern, contemporary, farmhouse, Scandinavian, bohemian, mid-century, transitional, glam, Japanese, rustic, and minimalistic design are only some of the styles that we can remodel and create for your new Houston bathroom interior design.

3. Remodeling Contractor Visit

If the client has not selected a contractor, one of our design team members and a trusted contractor will visit the project site to measure and review the Houston remodeling project scope before the final proposal is presented to the client. Our contractor will work on a preliminary bid to be presented at our proposal meeting (Houston remodeling projects only).

4. Remodeling Proposal Meeting

A member of our Houston remodeling team will review the design agreement and remodeling design time estimate. Answer any questions you may have about the remodeling project or the remodeling process. We will also discuss the benefits of working with a designer on your Houston remodeling project. The remodeling contract can be signed during this meeting, but we will schedule a follow-up call if you need more time. The client will fill out our questionnaire for the design process. It helps our Houston team better understand what you are looking for if you have a Pinterest board or images to share before the Houston Remodeling Inspiration Presentation.

What Value Does CH Remodeling Offer?

  • Save Our Clients Time and Money
  • Help Our Clients Avoid Expensive Mistakes
  • We Are the Experts at Turning a House into a Home
  • Let us Create a Design you Are Proud to Showcase
  • We Manage Your Design Investment

5. Remodeling Inspiration Presentation

Our Houston Remodeling Design team will work on developing a presentation of inspiration images for the spaces where we need design decisions, drawings, and selections. This part of the process is to help our designers ensure that we understand the design style or concepts you have envisioned. Whether your Houston remodeling interior design project involves a bathroom, kitchen, living room, breakfast room, family room, dining room, bedroom, kid’s rooms, children’s rooms, nursery, media room, game room, entertainment room, bar, laundry, guest rooms, or office, the remodeling, and interior design team has the products and design concepts to suit your Houston project needs.

6. Remodeling Construction Presentation

Our team will work on selections included in your Houston project scope for the construction stage. We work within the Houston client’s established budget and will develop a presentation of selections by room. Selections may include tile, hardwire lighting, plumbing, flooring, appliances, hardware, windows, and paint selections. We will also develop and present CAD drawings for all interior applications. Drawings may include millwork and floor plan drawings. If required for the Houston project permitting, one of our architects can create the necessary drawings.

7. Remodeling Product Ordering

Once the client approves drawings and selections for the Houston remodeling project through our accounting system, our admin will place the orders and troubleshoot any possible issues. We wait to have our Houston contractors begin work until all items have been ordered and delivered to avoid delays. All remodeling items are shipped to our Houston receiving warehouse to ensure that all items arrive in good condition, and you do not need to track all items.

8. Furnishings Design Process

For Houston full-service interior design projects, the furnishings inspiration presentation, furnishings presentation, and furnishings ordering will be repeated for all furnishings, decorative lighting, decorative paint, wall coverings, floor coverings, soft goods, art, accessories, mirrors, window treatments, and thing else that may be included in your Houston project scope.

9. Remodeling Construction Work Begins

The client may be required to relocate while the Houston remodeling work is completed if required by the scope of work. We work closely with the contractor to set a tentative timeline for all Houston remodeling work to be completed for the project.

10. Remodeling Final Client Walkthrough

We will walk the Houston home with the client and contractor to determine if the contractor needs to fix anything before completing the remodeling job.

11. Work is Complete, Furnishings are Installed, and Project is Photo Ready

Welcome to your new Houston home! After the final reveal, we will schedule a photographer to take pictures of the project.

The Coton House Houston remodeling and interior design teams are an award-winning group of individuals who bring various talents and expertise to the firm. Our unique backgrounds allow us to help design the ideal Houston home interior for you. The Coton House remodeling and interior design teams are here to ensure that you have an effortless experience in creating a Houston home that is perfectly yours in Houston. The Coton House Houston remodeling and interior design teams are here to make the remodeling and interior design process as easy as possible for all our clients. The remodeling and interior design teams will answer any questions about starting a remodeling or interior design project with Coton House. Coton House will take a discovery call regardless if you only want to remodel a kitchen or a master bath or completely renovate your home. Everything our Houston designers and admin team does is customizable for each of our clients in Houston, and it allows us to create a unique experience and home for every person. Perfection is in the details, and our remodeling and interior design teams ensure that we design to create your perfect Houston home.

Reach out to the Coton House interior design team to schedule a design consultation. Call us at (832) 304-7782 or email us at contact@cotonhouserealty.com to reinvent your space.

“I’ve been a customer of Laurie for 7 years, she’s helped me buy and sell multiple homes over the years as my life has adjusted. Never pushy, her expertise in remodeling, design, and real estate was the comfort and trust I needed. I also hired Laurie to help design and build interior furniture, fabric, and wall coverings – pieces that will be with me forever. She is thoughtful, humble, intelligent, and offers her professional opinion in the most calm and articulate way. I tend to need harnessing at times and she instantly was someone I felt I could trust. A coworker recommended her but I didn’t know I would be a lifelong client and friend. Would recommend Laurie and her team to anyone I know.”

-Jill Nelson